Clark Cinema 320- Man On Wire

Crystal and I made it out to Cinema 320 at Clark University for the first time tonight. Ever since hearing about this film series last year we have wanted to pop our heads in at some point and the crap weather this evening provided a perfect opportunity.

I checked all the movie listings and Man On Wire which was being shown at Clark had stellar reviews, we could go for $5.50 a ticket and the drive would take under a minute to get there. So we decided that is what we would do. I was always curious as to what the setup would be for these movies and what the crowd would be. The crowd was bigger than I would have anticipated, I counted about 90 or so people there. At one point Crystal and I were the youngest people there, but right before showtime there was a small influx of students, so the crowd was not just gray hairs and Crystal and I.

The seating could be a bit more comfortable and the sound could be a bit louder, but for being two blocks away from our house it can certainly be a different atmosphere to catch a movie in.

Now on to the movie itself.... Man On Wire is a documentary that traces the planning and execution of Philippe Petit's wirewalk between the World Trade Center Towers in 1974. The movie was an interesting blend of first person interviews with those involved, actual footage and reenactments of the events leading up to the wirewalk. The ultimate demise of the WTC is in the back of your mind the entire time, from the scenes showing actual footage of the towers being built, to the not so elaborate plan that was used to infiltrate and pull off this stunt back in 1974.

Quite in a peek into the mind of the man who conqured the Twin Towers and astounded the city and the world with an etheral walk on a wire.

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