Men 18+, Support Your Local Collegians

Due to my proximity to Clark I browse the Clark University LiveJournal page a couple times a week to see if I might stumble upon a random event, piece of furniture or neighborhood news.

This week I came across a request that was soliciting men 18+ for a thesis project relating to the well-being of men. The survey you are required to take required less than 10 minutes of my time, and consisted of just choosing answers relating to "agree" "disagree" "somewhat agree" type of thing. No typing required!

Not only are you helping a local student grow their sample size, but you can also be entered for a $50.00 Best Buy or Amazon gift card. I won't complain if I take 10 minutes to complete a survey and possibly score myself a Wii game out of the deal.

Take The Survey

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You might be qualified for a complimentary $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.