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Jeff at Wormtown Taxi has been posting about the wind turbine that has been erected at Holy Name High School before the construction even began. His Mighty Wind series of posts have chronicled the whole erection of the wind turbine with shots from the site as well as his own backyard, post #11 today featured his pictures of the completed unit now that the rotors have been attached.

When the tower itself started going up I knew this thing was going to be a formidable presence on the Worcester landscape. It sprouted up on the hill and could not be missed from Rt. 146, and that was just the tower. Over the weekend Papamoka noted that he was up on the site and spoke with a worker who said they wanted the unit operational on Monday or Tuesday.

With that said I was excited to check out the view after getting off of the Mass Pike and onto 146 after work today. And lo' and behold the rotors were on and this turbine was looming large on the cityscape. The blades were not in motion yet, but we are getting close.

I would have no problem seeing these dot the landscapes of the Worcester hills. Perhaps once the Direct Air experiment fails at ORH the powers that be can think long and hard about converting the airport into a wind farm.

I think that a large icon on the cityscape like this goes a long way to leave a positive impression on Worcester's inhabitants as well as those passing thru regrding Worcester, Green technology and cutting edge innovations on a whole.

And on top of all that I have a great view of this rotor right from our roof, today was gray and overcast by the time I got up there at 5:30pm so the shots without telephoto make the unit not visible, although it certainly can be seen with the naked eye. So I have included a shot of the tower only which I took on Saturday along with two other shots of the completed unit at 12x and 24x telephoto.

Wormtown Taxi

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