Worcester Business Journal Blogging Attempts...

Have left me underwhelmed at this point.

Last Thursday they wrote about becoming aware of the "Worcester: Paris of The Eighties" slogan.... The post says "they heard tshirts were made" and they then go on to state "most important of all, where can we get a few of those tshirts?"

We all know they must not have been looking too hard, all you have to do is google "paris of the eighties" and you are directed to Paris Of The Eighties where the shirts can be purchased.

Sad that a journalist can't provide a link to his readers or care to research where these coveted tshirts can be found and instead just wonders aloud where they can be had. I left him a comment directing him to Paris of The Eighties for online shopping as well as HBML if he wanted to go the bricks and mortar route. I also mentioned he might try his luck at START on the Street this weekend.