Lisa Lampanelli @ Hanover Theater 12/13/08 Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets are now on sale to the general public for the Lisa Lampanelli show at The Hanover Theatre on Saturday December 13th. This will be the best comedy show to come thru Worcester since George Carlin made a stop at the Hanover earlier this year (sorry Jeff Dunham fans).

Crystal and I will both be ushering at The Hanover the night of this show, and I was able to score two tickets for my parents during the pre sale, seven rows back and on the aisle. This will be their Christmas present this year, I bought them Chris Rock tickets for Christmas last year. Nowadays they certainly don't need random "things" for Christmas or any other time and they both like comedy and my father is a big Lampanelli fan from her apperances on The Stern Show so this made the perfect gift this year. Plus it would only be their 3rd trip to Worcester in the 2 years that I have lived here so it is a perfect excuse to get them to head this way, check out The Hanover and see a good comedy show all in one evening.

Lisa is the rare female comedianne who is actually funny. She can slice and dice people with the best of them when on Stern and is not afraid to open up and make fun of herself and the things that go on in her daily life. Even better than Stern she is absolutely on fire every time that she appears live in studio on Bubba The Love Sponge. Bubba will push her farther than Howard will and she does not disappoint with her outlandish actions on the show. This show will be rude and crude and totally hilarious.... A far cry from the Lily Tomlin show that was at The Hanover this weekend.

And looking at Lisa's schedule on her website she will be coming to Worcester just 3 weeks after completing a taping for an HBO Comedy Special, so I am sure she will be unloading plenty of fresh material and will be on top of her game. Looking at The Hanover website the orchestra is about 75% sold but the balcony is still wide open. Get you tickets now as I am sure this will approach near sell out status as we get closer to December.

Hanover Tickets
Lisa's Website


xTx said...

I LOVE Lisa!
I am going to try to see her when she comes to LA in Feb....

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