Red Sox Post Mortem

Exciting game, exciting series.

Garza pitched one heck of a game and David Price made a splash on a big stage in shutting the door. Sox had their chance in the 8th but couldn't come thru. I'm happy the drama was played out over a tense and dramatic seven game series, but life goes on either way. No shame in losing to the Rays this year, that team is no joke. Congrats to them beating the World Series champs.

Good luck against the Phillies. I probably should root for the American Leauge, Bubba The Love Sponge loving Tampa Bay team, but those fans down there seem a little to foreign to me. Coming from the Northeast I can associate myself more with a gritty blue collar pissed off, ass kicking, beer drinking Phillies fan than these kahki and blazer and sundress cowbell crowd in Tampa.


Paulie's Point of View said...

I caught a Phillies game this summer..great stadium and fans..Greg Luzinski has a BBQ joint inside the stadium..he signed my ticket for a friend who is a huge baseball fan since the 50's...I was a fan of The Bull in the 70's

4rilla said...

My parents went there for an interleague play weekend last summer I believe and had nothing but compliments for the park.

I like Philly as a city.

I'm still torn on who to root for. Tampa Bay is of course the story of the playoffs, and I am an AL guy through and through, but the bandwagon nature of their fans turns me off.