Vivi La Revolucion, Scored The New Obey Print

This week I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen hundreds who were able to break thru the sluggish and temperamental ObeyGiant servers to pick up this week's print Vivi La Revolucion.

Over the past few months there have been a handful of prints that I have tried from the times they were released until they were sold out a few hours later without being able to secure a print. There were a couple others that just dropped at a time that I was not around a computer and missed out on them all together. I think this is the first print I was able to purchase since the Vote! print. Speaking of Vote!, the rumor seems to be that Shepard will be releasing a new Obama Vote! imgae right before the election. Knowing how sought after all thing Obey and Obama related have become I will do my best to pick one up as well.

Buying prints direct from Obey Giant would certainly provide you a better investement than the stock market in 2008. I feel happier in this market buying an Obey print for $45 for artistic collection and investment purposes right now as opposed to 3 shares of Pfizer or Ebay or Home Depot. Obey Giant prints that were released in '08 pretty much all sell for at least 2x and sometimes 3x or more of thir value on ebay or other secondary markets with some of the Obama prints selling for thousands more than their initial sale price. I'll take those returns over the 30% decline you would get buying into the market this year. Plus I don't get hit with cap. gains tax after selling a print on ebay!


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