Sox Get Smoked/ Fringe in Worcester

The JJ Abrams suspend your disbelief thriller "Fringe" has been the one show that has come out of the Fall season that Crystal and I could both agree on being a worthwhile watch.

Of course tonight's episode got kicked to the side so I could watch the Red Sox stumble out of the the gate and get their asses handed to them by the upstart Rays. The game was pretty much well in hand for the Rays at 9pm, but I stayed with the game rather than switching over to Fringe.

After cruising the internet after the game I see mentions on Worcesterite and Daily Worcesteria that Worcester was prominently featured in Fringe tonight, although many of the Worcester scenes were not actually shot here, it is still cool to be featured in the show in a roundabout way. But I missed it and I am still sitting here steaming at a Red Sox loss at 12:34am.

At least the episodes do run on the Fox website in full, although maybe not until next week sometime. I'll provide the link when it pops up as available.

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