Last night's Sharks Meetup

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that came out for the 4rilla/Real Worcester blogger meetup at the Worcester Sharks
game! We all got to see a Sharks comeback win in a game that had a couple fights, a borderline dirty hit on Kyle McLaren and 2 periods of heckling the Admirals goalie!

After reading about this guy
today who invited 600 people to a party via Facebook and had 1 person show up has me feeling even better about last night's impromptu affair. I heard there were a couple folks in attendance last night who had never been to a hockey game, let alone a Shark's game so that is pretty cool. The folks over at
Train Stopping
seemed to enjoy themselves. And thanks to:

Real Worcester
My 5 Senses
Linnea Loves
Ms. C
Third Floor Dweller
for making it out as well!


Anonymous said...

Neil, thanks so much for putting it all together and dragging us out into the cold! I had a great time, and hopefully we can do it again! It was so nice to meet you and Crystal, and it was so funny to see what a perfect match you are as you danced and screamed and she sat next to you text messaging like nothing was happening.

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