Girl Talk at Showcase Live Foxboro, MA

I headed on down to Showcase Live at Patriot Place on Friday night to check out the Girl Talk phenomenon in person. and I am here to say that Gregg Gillis is no joke! As a cubicle dweller and fan of electro beats since my nights in the mid 90's how can you not give props to Gregg for breaking free from the daily 9-5 job to become the biggest buzz artist of 2008 with nothing but a laptop.

Girl Talk's mashup styles have already crushed Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza and just this past week he played his largest ever headlining gig in front of 4,200 at The Congress Theater in Chicago. Friday night the Girl Talk caravan rolled into Foxboro. First thing I will say is that Showcase Live is a pretty slick looking venue overall. Pretty classy room that wont see many gigs as frenetic as Girl Talk hit the stage that often.

Gillis took to banging out beats on his Toughbook and had a throbbing crowd of early 20's kids wearing ill fitting neon, spandex and bad retro getups in the palm of his hand from the start. The highlight was absolutely when Gillis took to the dancefloor about 10 feet away from me. He proceeds to jjump up on one VIP table, and jump to the second where he picks up a beer and downs half of it before throwing the cup in the air. He then attempts to jump up on the third table which is about 5 feet from me and he sort of misses and lands sort of awkwardly. Within 5 seconds he is scooped up by two members of security wearing suits and briskly walked into the lobby. I'm happy to report that I was the one fan that followed out the doors to the lobby as everyone else who could see were slow to react. These security guys have Gregg over near these two cops, but right away somebody with some sense who worked for Showcase Live came and grabbed Gregg back and said it was OK. I was pretty much the only other person in the lobby so I got behind Gregg as if we were boxers entering a fight. Hands on his shoulders we came back into the main area, thru the bar, snaking thru the dancefloor mayhem and thru this side door past a cop and security I stayed right on his back....Thru the back of the stage and into the mess of bodies that were all going bonkers on the stage I was able to make it all the way back to his laptop with him from the lobby.

After that escapade Girl Talk kept the whole night banging with the eclectic blend of sounds you would expect of you have been watching the youtube exploits of this tour. After an extended encore Girl Talk didn't make a quick exit but hung out on the stage posing for pictures and talking with every last person that wanted to shake his hand. He seems to be thoroughly enjoying these shows and relishing the moment.

Catch Girl Talk back in these parts on November 29th at Lupos in Providence!

Bonus *Tiny Juicy Dancer* from Toronto gig 11-12-08


Nature Graffiti said...

i was there! It was totally amazing
do you have any, or know where i can find any, photos from the event?

4rilla said...

These are the only pics of the Showcase Live show that have made their way onto Flickr.


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