AHL All Star Hangover

I posted a more formal AHL All Star wrapup over on Real Worcester, but I thought I would at least take a moment to post up some pictures and thoughts about the weekend's festivities here.

I attended the skills competition on Sunday evening and stopped in to check out the after party at Mechanic's Hall for a little while as well as going to the actual All Star game on Monday night.

The DCU Center was stocked with rabid hockey fans wearing minor league hockey team jerseys of every color of the rainbow. Even in this down economy it was easy to see that many out of towners took the trip to Worcester and were spending their money on all things AHL All Star related.

Both events we considered sellouts with 7,245 tickets sold for each day, and from what I could see both the city of Worcester and the Sharks organization came off well. I didn't hear anyone bellyache or complain about anything at all.

And as someone who lives just a couple miles away and parked on side streets for free I certainly have no gripes about the $35.00 I shelled out to attend the two days worth of events.

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