Z-Trip: Victory Lap The Obama Mix Part 2

Z-Trip has released a followup to the much hyped Obama Mix that was released around the DNC with "The Victory Lap" Obama Mix Part 2. Z-Trip blends his signature style here cutting and scratching soul and hip hop gems with Obama speeches as well as news clips from election night. It is a smooth and mellow mix that is uplifting and really echos the vibe that many people are feeling right now.

Well worth the download!

And while I'm at it StickerRobot has also released a limited number of metallic gold Shepard Fairey Obama stickers with the HISTORY tagline which were made specifically for the Manifest Hope show in DC. They are selling a small amount of stickers thru their website. I picked up a pack of 10 earlier today.

Victory Lap Obama Mix Part 2
Sticker Robot History Sticker