Superman Dat Hanover Theatre

I just caught wind of a new booking at The Hanover Theatre, and it appears that they have added Soulja Boy to their April lineup with a show on April 29th. This is so out of left field I am scratching my chin in befuddlement.

When it comes to music The Hanover has booked shows more along the lines of BB King, Aretha Franklin and 50's doo wop shows so this Souja Boy date is very confusing. I think the "wildest" musical performance in the past year was when Foreigner stopped for a night of 80's rock. I think I might want to usher this one just for some laughs. Some of the senior ushers get flustered when Lisa Lampanelli or George Carlin said the word "fuck". I don't know how some of these ushers will cope seeing their first live "rap show" at the age of 65!

I hope this signals The Hanover to be a bit more bold in their musical bookings and bring in some up and coming rock bands touring 2,000 seat venues.

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