Will the real Sweet bakery please stand up!

I was browsing boston.com and saw an article titled "Sweet Cupcakes Is Coming To Harvard Square" being a fan of Sweet on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester I clicked the article. It seems there is a Sweet Cupcakes in Boston's Back Bay and they are about to open a second outlet in Harvard Square.

Here is Worcester we have Sweet on Shrewsbury Street... Is Massachusetts big enough for 2 cupcake bakeries both named Sweet? Is there a lawsuit in someone's future?

Sweet Bakery (Worcester)
Sweet Cupcakes (Boston)


Sprout said...

I don't know if Massachusetts is big enough for 2 Sweets, but I know I am bigger because of Sweet cupcakes! Husband had a box of cupcakes from Worcester's Sweet delivered to work for my birthday this week. :-) Evil in a box!

Claudia Snell said...

I am in love with the Sweet, Worcester web site. WOW!!!

And, honestly, with a few exceptions, I don't care much for Boston so I don't care what they have up there

4rilla said...

So good indeed.

I had a Sweet cupcake for lunch one day this week, I had the day off and rationalized it was a good enough excuse.

I usually use that rationale for Coney Island!

Anonymous said...

As I just showed Neil a couple friends of mine have been to the new SWEET in Boston and their cupcakes look sad

Clancey said...

I'm pretty sure Sweet in Boston opened up awhile ago, as in, before the Worcester version. And I've had their cupcakes - they are seriously delicious, and beautiful.