Worcester Home Price Forcast From Money Magazine

Money Magazine released a list of their estimates for housing prices over the next 12 months for the 100 largest US Metro areas.

Their prognostication for Worcester is a 5.9% drop in price over the next year with a bottom of Q2 in 2010.

The report predicts Providence to fall by an additional 13.2% with a bottom in Q1, 2011.

Other notables:

Cambridge -3.3% Q1 2010
Boston -6.8% Q3 2010
Springfield -7.5% Q3 2010
Hartford -7.6% Q2 2010

Apropos of nothing this report expects Worcester recover faster than and with less severe price drops than all but Cambridge.

Full List Here


Paulie's Point of View said...

you mean I'll be abe to sell my three decker for 350K sometime soon

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