Worcester Home Price Forcast From Money Magazine

Money Magazine released a list of their estimates for housing prices over the next 12 months for the 100 largest US Metro areas.

Their prognostication for Worcester is a 5.9% drop in price over the next year with a bottom of Q2 in 2010.

The report predicts Providence to fall by an additional 13.2% with a bottom in Q1, 2011.

Other notables:

Cambridge -3.3% Q1 2010
Boston -6.8% Q3 2010
Springfield -7.5% Q3 2010
Hartford -7.6% Q2 2010

Apropos of nothing this report expects Worcester recover faster than and with less severe price drops than all but Cambridge.

Full List Here

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Paulie's Point of View said...

you mean I'll be abe to sell my three decker for 350K sometime soon