SFR Basement Party The Grant Pawtucket RI 4/30/09

Sage introduces Mac Lethal.

Soulcrate Music, straight outta South Dakota.

Dilly Dilly rocking the sampler and hand saw.

On Thursday night I was pretty darn close to staying home. I had worked all day, the Celtics were on, Survivor, just being able to relax you know the drill. But instead I headed on down to downtown Pawtucket RI to a hip hop show hosted by Sage Francis. It would have been pretty easy to stay home, but when Crystal and I went to the Sage Francis/ Inkymole show "If A Girl Writes Off The World" in Pawtucket 2 years ago or so it was awesome. I broke free from the chains of the couch and went on down route 146.

Seems most folks decided to stay home because be the time Soulcrate Music took to the small cinderblock raised stage there were probably 60 folks in the building. I had never heard of these guys prior to the night but they rocked the show. Coming out of the hinterlands of South Dakota as 2 MCs and 1 dj they had some sweet flow and enjoyed interacting with the intimate crowd.

Next up was Portland Maine's Dilly Dilly who I last saw touring with Sage on The Human Death Dance Tour. Hip hop was flipped on it's head as Dilly poured out vocals over a banjo and electic ukulele including a sweet version of Men at Work's "Down Under".

I know when all is said and done Sage was upset about the low turnout and rightfully so. But I am happy that I was one of the few who did make it out to see Mac Lethal banter with Sage repeatedly from the stage calling him "Makeshift Patio" and other sorts of names and Sage threatening to "bend him over and fuck his ass". It would have been great if more folks turned out but it was still a hell of a show from where i stood.


Unknown said...

you posted videos in your blog...but they are private videos. Can't view them. Whaaaa!!! Thank you for coming out.

4rilla said...

Thank you for hosting!

The videos are live now. I uploaded thru Picasa for the 1st time ever and they default to private.

I'll leave a comment on your show blog so SFR forum folks have easy access to the vids now that the thread about the show is locked.

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