More Worcester Politics As Usual

I came home from work today to find a letter from Barbara Haller taped to the front door in our lobby announcing a "Emergency Meeting on University/Crystal Park" There is one big problem with the announcement... The meeting is tomorrow, at 10am.

That's right, here in the urban core our city councilwoman and the Main South CDC think that 10am on a Wednesday morning is the perfect time to have a neighborhood meeting. As sure as the day is long this neck of the woods is filled with plenty of degenerates who could attend a 10am meeting. The problem is these same people are probably the ones causing problems at the park! I am just baffled that an "Emergency" meeting is held on a Wednesday morning with less than 24 hours notice. Makes me think some people might like hearing the sound of their own voice rather than anything else.

Here are some of the talking points on the letter, "It's no secret. University/Crystal Park is sliding backwards...vandalism of the new Petty Playground, uncontrolled Canada Geese, unruly groups of people causing harm and fear, too much trash, untrimmed trees...

I did notice about a dozen trees or so planted on the Main St. side of the park today, so that is a nice positive. The geese aren't going anywhere, they are happy and well fed. In this neighborhood it is unfortunately no surprise that a playground gets vandalized and tagged, i don't see many ways around that. The basketball hoops and backboards should be fixed. A fair amount of ball is played up there and they are playing on some 4th rate hoops. The fencing should be fixed around the tennis turned volleyball court as well. Again I think the only way trash can be addressed is with community cleanups every week or two, because people aren't going to take responsibility for themselves and will be pigs just for the sake of it. And should police increase their patrols of the area... Of course.

Anyway, sorry I can't attend the meeting tomorrow Barbara. But perhaps I will shoot off an email with my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

YO 4-rilla, you goin' to the Sharks/Bruins game tonight? 'Ol Harry T and wife will be in Section 123 Row GG ... look for the washed up, has been Stone Cold Steve Austin look alike...

Harry T(riple overtime)

4rilla said...

Ahhh! I was there, but didn't check my blog until I got home.

Tough loss, Greiss made some crazy stops in the 2nd period. Boys need to play MUCH more physical to make this a series!

Anonymous said...

I sat 3 rows behind both benches...could see all the jawing going on between the teams...cool stuff...pathetic crowd...2nd round playoff vs the Bruins and there were maybe 1500 people there, mostly BRUINS fans! Saturday better be a sellout...

Harry T(wo minutes for roughing)

Bill Randell said...


what was the emergency meeting about


4rilla said...

According to the flyer general problems in the park including out of control geese, a dirty pond, downed tree branches, a vandalized playground and neighborhood tuffs making people feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

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