Sharks tie series at 2, with a 1-0 victory!

I ran over to the DCU Center tonight for game 4 of the Worcester Sharks vs. Providence Bruins Calder Cup playoff battle. The game was a pretty tense defensive minded affair, with Worcester getting on the board in a first period that they dominated all aspects of the game.

The second period was a back and forth affair that featured a nice 5 on 5 fight on the far end of the ice and a couple 10 minute misconducts. In the third the Bruins applied constant pressure in the Worcester zone outshooting Worcester 13-3, but Greiss stood tall in net for his second shutout of the playoffs.

The announced crowd was a hair over 3,000 for a Saturday without the Bruins or Celtics. Providence drew over 5,000 last night with both the Celts and Bruins on. And there was a strong Providence crowd in the house as well. Not so many that they couldn't be shouted down but I would estimate 500 to 800 that were rooting for the Bruins.

Game 5 is Monday night in Providence with game 6 going down at the DCU center on Wednesday night. And Worcesterites take note, the fans in San Jose are watching what is going on in Worcester. Since the first round upset of the parent club it seems that some of the San Jose fanbase have shifted their eyes and ears upon Worcester. Check out the "Fear The Fin" messageboard link below. These hard core Sharks fans in California are streaming the Worcester games live and commenting on the their blog.

If the Bruins drop their game tomorrow the Providence Bruins and Worcester Sharks will be the only teams left playing pro hockey in all of New England! I'm certainly rooting for the Sharks to pull off another 0-2 comeback and keep this playoff train a rollin.

Fear The Fin


Anonymous said...

Let's hope it is a sold out show! Worcester is still in last place in playoff attendance:


Harry T

Anonymous said...

From Fear the Fin:

Hey man, glad to see you picked up the feeds.

We were crushed by the Sharks early exit, but now we're full out on Worcester... we've come to know some of the boys in their time in San Jose.

Join up and follow the WorSharks with us, if yoy are so inclined.

Great Stuff!

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