Bill Clinton at The Boys And Girls Club

So I knew Bill Clinton was coming to town today to fund raise for McGovern, but today's T&G indicated a stop at The Boys & Girls Club as well. The Boys & Girls club is a block and a half away from the lofts, and after work I hit up KJ Barrons for some Friday night nourishment and on the way home passed The Boys & Girls Club.

The barricades were up, ambulances and motorcycles cops in place and it looked like Clinton was on site, so I did what any decent Worcester blogger would. O went upstairs and grabbed my camera and jumped on my bike back over there.

Looking at the setup and police presence it was easy to tell that Clinton would be coming out the back of the building so I took up a spot at the end of the driveway next to a bunch of motorcycle cops and 5 Main South 13ish year old boys. They excitedly told me that they had witnessed the caravan pass them near Family Dollar on Main St. and Clinton waved to them so they followed the parade down to The Boys & Girls Club. Every so often they would scream out "Bill Mothafuckin Clinton" they were generally excited to see and ex president. I'm sure Bill's extracurricular affairs upped his wow factor in their eyes. I don't think they would have been as fascinated by Jimmy Carter.

They saw that I had a camera and wanted pictures of Clinton, so I gave them my phone and had them all enter their email addresses so I could send them the pictures. After some of the foolishness I see going on in the neighborhood streets below it was cool to see these kids realize that seeing an ex president is sort of cool and getting caught up in the moment and enjoying themselves rather than being punks on a Friday afternoon.

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bill muthafuckin' clinton!