LA's Kogi Korean BBQ...OMG A Food Truck

Check out LA's Kogi Korean BBQ Taco trucks which have stormed the LA nighclub and foodie scene since launching back in November. Armed with the power of the internet and twitter Kogi is spawning imitators and drawing diverse crowds who wait in line for up to 2 hours for some cheap but delicious street food.

I'm going to do a little internet poking around and see what LA requires for street food certification as opposed to Worcester. When you see videos like this I can see why brick and mortar businesses want to shut out street food. Goes to show that a superior product can be made on the street and with a little leverage of technology the power can tip pretty easily especially when you are serving great tasting tacos for $2 a piece. But just because a business model exsists with low start up costs and overhead does not mean their viability should be stifled or limited by the government.


Anonymous said...

Check out what's happening in Seattle, gourmet food from a converted Airstream trailer:


Harry T

4rilla said...

Nice link Harry.

I think I read about them in the NYT not too long ago. That would be a good match for The Haberdash!

Yard Debris Removal said...

The big food businesses are simply threatened by them. But what's an average American to do, right?