HOOD- A Solo Exhibition by Rene Gagnon

Narrows Center For The Arts
Fall River, MA
Now thru August 15, 2009
Opening reception this Thursday 6/25 6pm-11pm

We went to Fall River today to take in Rene Gagnon's solo show titled "HOOD" on its first day open to the public and in advance of Thursday night's opening party.

The show looks great, it was hard to pick favorites but we whittled it down to a few. We certainly hope to be taking home one of the originals from the show. There are going to be 4 limited edition show prints as well. I was hoping that those might have been hung today, but no such luck. Those will be a surprise on Thursday night. I'll probably want them all!

Rene Gagnon Fine Art
Narrows Center For The Arts

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