Rene Gagnon HOOD Opening Party and Prints

Even though we saw most of the Rene Gagnon show over the weekend I was still making sure that I went to the opening party tonight. Kudos to Rene and the folks at The Narrows for a really cool night. As someone who was born and raised in Fall River it was cool to be able to drive to Fall River and check out an event of this caliber in a great space in a old mill right on the Taunton River with the sun setting over the Braga Bride and the Battleship Massachusetts. Nice gallery space and a huge performance area for bands and such complete with rows of church pews.

Since Rene and I went to the same high school but a couple years apart there was a small smattering of guys there that I recognized from high school. My graduating class was probably 800 kids and I pretty much have not talked to anyone from it, or my school for that matter in at least 10 years. So being at something where even half a dozen people that I went to school with was worth a chuckle.

I picked up the one print that features the Braga Bridge and have developed a short list of original pieces that I liked and will have to mull some stuff over. But I think my first big original piece purchase will be coming from this show in some fashion.

Oh yeah the prints... The pictures above feature the 5 limited edition HOOD show prints. These should be the first pictures of them on the internet right now. If my memory serves me the prints are all in editions of between 10 and 50. All prints that didn't sell at the opening should be available on Rene's website within 24 to 48 hours or so.

Rene Gagnon Fine Art
The Narrows Center For The Arts

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