NECN on Standard Foundry Demolition

The Standard Foundry Building and the supposed future site of the "South Worcester Industrial Park" is located just 4 short blocks from the lofts. In a strange way I'll miss passing by the bizarro graveyard that made up a couple of the back streets separating this parcel and the railroad tracks. Sort of a bombed out scene from 21 Days later.

Pretty much sums up Jim McGovern's quote of "...In this area, it looks blighted, and its falling apart, because it is, but it reminds you of what once was here..." With the way things move in this city and even moreso this neighborhood I'm sure this project will play out over a long timeline. But I will cross my fingers for real business, with real buildings and a real workforce... But I won't hold my breath.


Anonymous said...

has some interesting history, that factory used to produce cannonballs in the Civil War. There is a section of the factory that dates to pre-1860.

4rilla said...

Yeah I had read that somewhere a while back. I thought some of that history was even holding back the demo due to The National Historic Register or the like.