Rushton Pushes Resident Complaint iphone app

Check out this NECN interview with Rick Rushton who is pushing for a rollout of a citizen complaint iphone and blackberry app where Worcesterites can snap a picture of a "complaint" and send it to the city via the app, and it will be tagged with the gps coordinates of the problem.

This video is worth watching all the way to the end, in the last 10 seconds they talk to a kid of about 13 years old sitting on his bike who says and I'm paraphrasing "everybody loves phones nowadays, its something the kids could have fun with"....

With the current state of budget and DPW workforce this hardly seems like something to be chasing a software developer for at this point. Give it 12 to 16 months and I could see an app like this out there for short money if any at all. If the city is paying any firm any money to develop a Worcestercentric app I don't think that makes an sense.


Brendan Melican said...

Boston just announced a similar app is being developed for them:

If this were to happen, does simply taking a pic of City Hall and submitting it count as an all encompassing complaint? And where's the Android love? There's like two of us in Worcester rocking G1's?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rushton should be addressing the real issues that face the city.

Blogger said...

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