Herb Chambers Hyundai Auburn

I just noticed a handful of comments under the post I wrote over the summer when I bought my Hyundai Elantra Touring and the horrible time I had dealing with the sales manager at Herb Chambers Hyundai in Auburn. So bad that I believe I walked out on two separate occasions amidst harassment Rusty Clifford their sales manager.

A few other folks relayed experiences similar to mine and then someone posing as Rusty Clifford himself leaves his cell phone number in the comments. Maybe I'll call the number tomorrow for kicks, but what is calling him up 6 months after buying a car elsewhere supposed to do? Ridiculous. Just treat the customer right in the showroom and you won't have to go around on blogs trying to pretty up your battle scars. Treat a customer like shit on a big dollar purchase and they aren't coming back.

Anyway here's the link:

My New Car Experience July 2009


Anonymous said...

I have to say you gave them a bit of a hard time back, it was embarrassing and a bit funny to see the back and forth. But I agree that the dealership you ended up buying the car from was very easy to deal with. what a fun time that was ;)

freeartworcester said...

Herb Chambers are harassing bastards, they called us (unknowingly) as we were at another dealer signing off on a new car. WE told Chambers were elsewhere buying a new car and they had the nerve to ask us why are you there buying from them? Idiots.

4rilla said...

I had a run in with service this weekend about backup information for a recall claim. Admittedly U went in with an attitude because of how horrible sales is.

I needed a copy of an old repair statement for 2008 for a recall claim I could be reimburesed for on the gt that I traded in to get the new Touring.

They claimed that they switched billing systems couldn't give me anything and it turned into a shit show.

They were then able to give me some screenshots, which in combo with my credit card statement should get me the credit.

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