Mr. Brainwash NYC Icons Show Location Revealed

According to his website and Facebook page the location of Mr. Brainwash's solo show was supposed to be kept under wraps until Friday at noon. However I noticed that Flavorwire spilled the beans (perhaps unknowingly) earlier today when they posted a sneak peek look at the show. So to stir the pot I posted the location to his fb page, and thought I would share here too!

I am certainly into the Mr. Brainwash conspiracy theories and I find it pretty clear that Mr. Brainwash pieces are more than the work of Thierry Guetta alone or produced solely under his direction. I'm more in the camp that there is some sort of cadre of artists who put out work under the Mr. Brainwash moniker. It's an interesting soap opera that I think has not fully played out.

In watching videos of the LA opening as well as pictures on flickr I am certain the 15,000 square feet will be a spectacle to behold and is still a must see if you are in the area regardless of what you think of Mr. Brainwash as an artist. How can you not be into full sized taxi cabs as Matchbox cars and boomboxes on steroids that stand 12 feet high? Sign me up.

So 36 hours before they were supposed to be released, here you go:

Mr. Brainwash ICONS
The Bohen Foundation
415 W 13th St, New York, NY 10014

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