Mr. Brainwash Opening Day ICONS NYC

Yeah I'm about 2 weeks late with this post, but that is how this blog has been rolling in to '10. And that's a shame because this blog was my first love, but that strumpet twitter showed up and then she introduced me to her girlfriend tumblr and they have been distracting me these past few months. Plus I have been quite the road warrior with the new Touring racking up over 20K in mileage since it was purchased in the end of July. Weekends of sleeping till noon, dog walks, dumb shit, nooks and books sandwiched between rides to brooklyn on Friday nights and monday morning commutes of getting up at 4am putting on a sweatshirt and pair of track pants and logging 200+ miles, thru brooklyn and queens factories, thru more than 90 connecticut exits and rolling into RI around 6:50, then you know you are home free. As you ease into Providence the sun is now glinting off the state house as you pass. The next thing you know it is 8am and you are sitting at your desk! Not that I am complaining at all, I guess I am just making some excuses about the lack of posts over here.

I'll try to up the post content over here in the future. All I have to do is look at
Tony Pierce

still doing it every day. The least I can do is post once a week, but I won't make any promises that I might not be able to keep.

Anyway after the killer breakfast above we went and checked out the Mr. Brainwash Icons show on its opening day.Check out the youtube video the downstairs record room was the highlight of the show for me. More pics below.

That's all your getting from me tonight.

MBW Flickr Set


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