So I bought some Whitehall today JWL

So if you refer to the post below you can see that I recommended JWL yesterday when it closed at $1.36. Whitehall opened this morning at $2.5o, they were contacted by the NYSE about possible buyout rumors in the marketplace. Whitehall had no comment and the stockpretty much traded between $1.90 and $2.10 all day.

I sold off a few dogs I had sitting in my Scottrade account QBID, TWOG and CREAF and picked up 227 shares of JWL @ $1.96 a share. IT closed at $2.08 this evening. Here is to another string green day tomorrow.

On a totally separate note if you have HBO check out On Demand and watch the Earthquake and Flight of the Conchords One Night Stand specials. They are both worth a half hour of your time.

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