Fox Network MLB coverage sucks my balls!!!

The executives at Fox must be the biggest assholes in the world.

They have moved the Red Sox vs. Yankee game to a postage stamp size box at the bottom the screen in order to showcase the White Sox vs. Indians game for an inning. I know that game has playoff implications as well, but this is getting to be regoddamndiculous!!

There are two fucking games left in the season, as a Red Sox fan we can see every pitch of every game on NESN, except for Saturday games that Fox carries. Now with 2 games left in the season with the Red Sox and Yankees tied atop the AL East they are doing this shit?? They are showing no respect to Boston and New York fans.



Blogman said...

Right on!

FOX coverage was a disgrace. Whoever made that decision to force feed all the Cleveland / White Sox crap should go back to programming "When Nature Attacks."

Alex Nunez said...


FOX is unwatchable with their split-screen bogus crap. The hell with Cleveland, I'm trying to watch the Yankees here!

It really sucks that they own the playoffs.....

Jeff said...

What I didn't get later was, why didn't they split-screen in the eighth and ninth when the Sox were down by five and the Indians were loading the bases in their eighth?

CT said...

I agree that sucked ass!!!

Bill German said...

I miss this place: