David Lee Roth, Rover and Adam Corolla, what a trio!

I will admit I didn't think David Lee Roth was going to be Stern's mystery guest today. I was hoping for Crackhead Bob. The whole mystery guest thing sure seemed to be a planned event as far as Infinity is concerned. I am happy to know that I will have my eh-eh-eh by the time Howard hits the air in January but I think it's great that Roth will be on 'BCN here in Boston so I can listen on rare occasions during commercials to see just how horrible he is.

Adam Corolla doesn't have the personality for morning radio in my opinion. Infinity hires Jimmy Kimmel as a consultant, super impressive!

We had no power here for a couple hours after work. Damn Nor'easter. Game 3 of the World Series currently tied 5-5 in the top of the 9th.

I didn't check the mail until around 10pm tonite. Low and behold I had a package from Tony Pierce, my copies of Stiff and How To Blog arrived! Thanks Tony. Awesome stuff. If you have not picked up Stiff as of yet I have two suggestions. Buy it now, or put it on your Kwanza gift list! Oh and in the picture we have Sophie hanging out in her cuddle cup, she stole Stiff from me while I was reading some of How To Blog. What a lil bitch!

Jay Leno is a useless hump.

How come I never heard of Me First and The Gimmee Gimmees until today?


xtx said...

i want my EH EH EH too!

i think it's funny that they verbally SAY eh eh eh on air, and now I think it's pretty damn hysterical that I see people WRITING eh eh eh....

it's better than rejeuvenation!

david said...

oh man, i love those guys! which gimmies album did you hear? they're all great but try "are a drag" it's my fav.

CT said...

thats cool you bought Tony's book... I've never heard of the gimmies either...