Artie Lange "Too Fat To Fish" In Stores Today

Stern show sidekick Artie Lange's autobiographical page turner Too Fat To Fish shows up in stores and mailboxes today.

Although I'm not the biggest Artie fan that there is how can I not send a shout out to a guy who managed to land a gig working on a show he grew up idolizing and just so happens to also be the biggest radio show of all time.

I see on Amazon the book is ranked #343 overall but hit #1 during presale.
#1 in comedy
#3 in biographies
#3 in audiobook (with special readings by Bababooey and Bob Levy)

Top that off with the fact that Artie's Saturday gig in Toronto paid him $81k and Artie Lange is having "The Best Week Ever"

Too Fat To Fish-Amazon

When Artie Lange joined the permanent cast of The Howard Stern Show in 2001, it was possibly the greatest thing ever to happen in the Stern universe, second only to the show’s move to the wild, uncensored frontier of satellite radio. Lange provided what Stern had yet to find all in the same place: a wit quick enough to keep pace with his own, a pathetic self-image to dwarf his own, a personal history both heartbreaking and hilarious, and an ingrained sense of self-sabotage that continually keeps things interesting.

A natural storyteller with a bottomless pit of material, Lange grew up in a close-knit, working-class Italian family in Union, New Jersey, a maniacal Yankees fan who pursued the two things his father said he was cut out for—sports and comedy. Tragically, Artie Lange Sr. never saw the truth in that prediction: He became a quadriplegic in an accident when Artie was eighteen and died soon after. But as with every trial in his life, from his drug addiction to his obesity to his fights with his mother, Artie mines the humor, pathos, and humanity in these events and turns them into comedy classics.

True fans of the Stern Show will find Artie gold in these pages: hilarious tales that couldn’t have happened to anyone else. There are stories from his days driving a Jersey cab, working as a longshoreman in Port Newark, and navigating the dark circuit of stand-up comedy. There are outrageous episodes from the frenzied heights of his coked-up days at MADtv, surprisingly moving stories from his childhood, and an account of his recent U.S.O. tour that is equally stirring and irreverent. But also in this volume are stories Artie’s never told before, including some that he deemed too revealing for radio.


shabooty said...

ive been in a reading slump, meaning id at least read a book every 6 months or so but havent even read the last chuck P book that I had picked up...

i guess the deciding factor will be if i am seeing artie in dc or not - if so imma def buy the book to get it signed.



4rilla said...

I might read a novel every two months.....

And 90% of that reading is done in the bathroom at work!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was the involvement of drugs that made Artie Lange quarrel with his mother. We know that drugs can do bad effects to the personality of a person.

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