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While running the "worcester" search term in my tweetdeck I stumbled upon the Twitter accounts of a couple of the Hartford Wolfpack players mentioning Worcester as their current AHL playoff opponent.

After Worcester spanked them 6-0 tonight as soon as I got home I sent messages to them letting them know how shitty they played. Now I see that Greg "Mr Balloon Hands" Moore is sending motivational tweets to Matt "Zabatron" Zaba and Brodie "moose_09" Dupont after their big loss.

Thank you twitter!


V Fish said...

HAHA awesome

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Worcester comes out BIG TIME for Saturday night's game, playoff attendance is running dead last in the AHL:


Harry T

4rilla said...

I'll predict 2,342 for tonight's game Harry. I'll be there!

I wish they could pull 4,000+. The crowds for the next series against Providence will be big, I just hope the DCU does not sound like The Dunk V2.0.

4rilla said...

Tonight's crowd was 2,413 my guess was pretty close.

I expect the interest in the Providence series to be quite high!

Anonymous said...

Providence crowds, both at the DCU and Dunk should be huge, that should help lift Worcester out of last place for AHL playoff attendance; here is to hoping it goes 7 games with Worcester prevailing and moving onto the next round!

Harry T(en minute major penalty)

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